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Liptov is an active region in the North of Central Slovakia. From all its sides there are mountains which protect the area. That is why Liptov has become very popular for active holiday. Every traveller can find there what he likes: either active relax or real sport opportunities.

This web page should give you some tips and possibly may help you to plan some activities on your own even in advance. You are also welcome to send me a line, if you need some more help or advice on your holiday in the Liptov region.

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The landscapes in the area and the countryside are very diverse changing from the real high mountains to almost flat fields down by the dam Liptovská Mara. Most of the mountain area in The Liptov region is on the South covered by The Low Tatras the area  which is famous for its skiing resorts and hiking possibilities. The High Tatras on the East of the region belongs to one of the highest mountain ranges in the world and is the smallest high mountain range due to its area. In the West there is the second highest mountain range in Slovakia the West Tatras and there is also the Choč Mountains, which lies between two regions: Liptov and Orava. Then on the very West there is the Great Fatra Mountains which is mostly in the regions of Turiec and Orava, but it still belongs to the Liptov region on its East side of the range. There are many rivers and streams in the Liptov region. The main and most important is Váh, which is the longest river in Slovakia. On the river Vah there is a water slalom channel where a lot of options for water sports are and the next vast water sport place is Liptovská Mara.

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