• Hike in the forest

  • The West Tatra range

  • Top of Great Choč

  • Morning mists

  • Fatra range

  • View over Liptov

  • Valaská Dubová village

  • Horse shoes

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It is considered to be one of the tops with the best views over Liptov. Moreover the trip can be done all the year round. In the winter consider taking crampons. There is traditional Silvester’s hike to the top at the end of the year.

Difficulty: Medium

Time: 4,5 hours

Elevation:  950 m. up;  950 m. down

Distance: 10 km

Map:n.111 Chočské vrchy, vodná nádrž Liptovská Mara, VKÚ Harmanec, 1:50 000

Hike number on Google map: H-32

Public transport: Bus from Ružomberok to Valaská Dubová

The Great Choč is the highest mountain of the range Choč Mountains. Moreover it is the guide of Liptov region from the West. It has special shape like a house with the chimney. The trip to the top starts from Valašská Dubová, vhich is a village on the way North from Ružomberok. In this village there was a Slovak national hero Janošík captured. From here, there is a marked path going first to the seddle. After that you will go a bit left and reach the top following it’s main range. There are some chains to help you to climb the rocky parts. From the top there is specific view over all Liptov region from the very West. Back down you take the green marked path which goes a bit on side slope of a mountain and brings you back to the seddle.

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