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Demänovská Valley is one of the most visited and famous valley in low Tatras. This easy family hike takes you from the beginning of ski slopes round rocky sites, stream and famous caves.

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 1,5 hours

Elevation: 200 m. down

Distance: 5 km

Map: n.122 Nízke Tatry, Chopok,VKU Harmanec 1:50 000

Hike number on Google map: H-11

Public transport: Bus from Liptovský Mikuláš to Demänovská Dolina, Lúčky (start point) and Ľadová jaskyňa- Ice cave (end point) (timetable)

Demänovská Valley is one of the most beautiful and also most visited valleys in Liptov region. Therefor there are many options for hikes and also tourist facilities like restaurants hotels and bars. Also there are many new paths. One quite new made path for family hikes goes through the valley by the river Demänovka and passes all famouse Demänovská caves. You can park at the parking spot by Demänová Icy cave. There you can take the bus to Lúčky and follow the marked path down the valley. It is nice gentle path down with many wooden bridges crossing the river and wild forest. On your way you will pass climbing area Machnatô on the right, then Demänová cave of Liberty, place where Demänovka river comes out from cave system of Demänovská Valley and finaly will end up by Icy cave.

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