• Fašiangy Carnival in Ploštíne 2014

    Fašiang dancing under mountains

  • Fašiang crowds

  • Inviting for evening party

  • Fašiang horse

  • Traditional music

  • Old's dancing together with young's

  • good weather for carnival

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Last two weeks there are Fašiangy carnival weekends in Liptov and Slovakia. It is a traditional carnival of farewell to the winter. Even though there was not much snow this winter, folks have to say goodbye to it anyway.


Fašiangy v Ploštíne 2014

Traditional Fašiang carnival is a traditional carnival in the villages in Liptov and is about traditional music, songs and dance. This year it is held the weekend at the end of February and the first weekend of March. All the people living in the village participate on the carnival. Some are wearing traditional clothes and dance rounde the village. Old’s and young’s are singing together. Some are just coming with the crowd. The group is going from house to house inviting for the evening dancing all the people living in the village. And they are collecting some gifts for the evening party. Today it will be the evening Fašiang party there.


IMG_1787 IMG_1692


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