• Views over Choč Mountains

  • The place of old castle bridge

  • Ruins of The Liptov Castle ahead

  • This is what used to be a castle

  • Ruins

  • Great Choč from the castle

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It is not that much time ago when Liptov had it’s caslte. Now there are only ruins which we can find after it’s famouse times. There is a nice walk round to the top of hill in Choč mountains, where the castle was build.

Difficulty: Easy

Time: 3 hours round

Elevation: 400 up; 400 down

Distance: 8 km

Hike number on Google map: H-33

Public transport: Bus from Ružomberok to Kalameny

A nice hike to a top of a hill at Choč mountais, where there are ruins of Liptov castle right at 1000 masl. You can park car in Kalameny or drive a bit further to the outdoor thermal swimming pool, where the two paths to the top split. We go up through the meadow to the seddle and up the hill. Then there is a leader to the top of the mountain. There you follow the path on the other side of the ruins down to the seddle on the other side. The you have do cross a meadow down a bit to the right, where the path and marks continues. down to the road through the valley where we started.

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