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The Low Tatras is the longest mountain range in Slovakia with the length of 80km from east to west. The highest peak of the Low Tatras is Ďumbier 2043 AMSL. However the best known peak is Chopok (2024 AMSL) which is also known for the biggest ski centre Jasna that is on its north and south sides with 36km of ski slopes. In the Demänovská Valley there is the biggest cave system in Slovakia and two of the caves are opened to the public: the Demänovská Icy Cave and the Cave of Liberty. In the Demänovská Cave System there is known 35 km of all the caves in the lenght by now. The second well known valley is the Jánska Valley where there are also possibilities for hiking, skiing and cycling. Liptovský Ján is the village situated at the beginning of this valley and is well known especially for its thermal Spas. The Valley as the neighbour Valley of Demänovská Valley has also quite big cave system. Lately there has been a new cave opened to the public here: the Stanišovská Cave.

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