• Breath taking views

  • At the top of Poludnica

  • Low Tatra range

  • Picturable rock

  • Nice trees all around

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Poludnica is one of the most typical hills with nice views and moreover with nice caves on the way. Beautiful nature, deep forests, rock formations and great views, this all you can expect on this hike.

Difficulty: Medium

Time: 7 hours

Elevation: 900 m. up; 900 m.down

Distance: 14 km.

Map: n.122, Nízke Tatry, Chopok, VKU Harmanec, 1:50 000

Hike number on Google map: H-16

Public transport: Bus from Liptovský Mikuláš to Iľanovo, otočka (timetable)

This hike starts in village Iľanovo. After a village farm there is a bridge to the left. Follow the signs to the forest. There are some steeper parts and one ledder. At the top there is beautiful view over Liptov region. Then follow the range and you will get to the spectacular rock with the view over High Tatras. On the range there are many small cave formations which make the hike special. In the seddle get down to the Iľanovská Valley and follow the way down the Valley Back to Iľanovo. You will pass a rock formation called “The Doors”.

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