• Two summits of Salatín

  • In the seddle between summits

  • Ready to ski down

  • Sivý and Ostrý peak on the South range

  • Main summit of Salatín

  • Views of The Low Tatras

  • Finally reaching the top

  • Relax after going up

  • When it's powder...

  • Skiing from the West summit

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Beautiful backcountry trip to easy accessable summit of The West Tatras (from the North). Is is still worth to ski even if there is not much snow or is already after skiing season. Due to it’s situation and North slopes there is perfect skiing in the spring time.

Difficulty: Medium / HardS-05 Salatin

Time: 3 hours (from the end of ski lift)/ 4 hours (from the parking)

Elevation: 600 m. up (from the end of ski lift); 1000 m. up (from the parking)

Distance: 2,5 km (from the end of ski lift); 5 km (from the parking)

Map: n.112 Západné Tatry, Roháče, VKÚ Harmanec, 1:50 000

Hike number on Google map: S-23

Salatín is one of the tops over 2000 masl, lieing in the West part of The West Tatras. It is possible to hike Salatín from Liptov as well, but the hike is neverending, taking you through long Jalovecká Valley and Deep Valley. It is easier to make a trip in the winter from North, from Zuberec – Zverovka. During the ski season you can make it easier to get on the lift in the ski areal Zverovka – Spálená, which saves you 400m. elevation and about 1 hour time. Even from the ski lift you can see the top and the way up Salatin. Follow the rout from the end of the ski lift to the direction of a steep slope between two summits of Salatin. Usually there is a ski path there. It is rare to go up the final part to the seddle between summits on skis. It’s wise to take crampons and ice axe with you due to conditions in the final parts. Up there is unforgetable view over Liptov and Orava region. There are few possibilities of skiing to the south or north as well marked on map of tour. The hardest is from the west summit to the North.

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