• Skiing in the summer | Lyžovanie v lete

  • Two skiers | Dvojka lyžiarov

  • Overtaking? | Predbiehanie?

  • Jump | Skok

  • Boat | Loďka

  • Evening at Mara | Večer na Mare

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The biggest water playground at Liptov is Liptovská Mara. Cool down during hot summer days or warm up with active water sports!

Even it is not winter, you can have fun with skiing on the water. The biggest water playground Liptovská Mara offers you much fun with waterbikes, water-skiing, swimming, sailing etc. You can find the most concentrated water fun oportunities at Liptovský Trnovec on the beach. Even the summer is almost over, you can still enjoy the water and sports on the Indian summer days.

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