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The West Tatras are the second highest mountain range in Slovakia. The best known valley for tourists is Žiarska Valley. The mountain cabin Žiarska chata is visited all the year round by tourists in summer and skiers in winter. From the cabin there are a lot of nice hikes to the area and to over 2000 peaks. Huge avalanche few years ago destroyed the most of the forest on the way down from the cabin and changed a lot the sights of this part of the valley. However, there are also a lot of more nice places to visit. You can find them on the map of activity. The High Tatras have been known as the smallest highest mountains in the world. The highest peak of Slovakia Gerlach is 2655 AMSL. The High Tatras lie in Poprad region, however it is great to do hiking or climbing there and it is quite fast to get there from Liptov region, so you can find some tips for trips in this area as well.

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